Lets Redo A Basic Bathroom Step By Step....
 Ok so we have a boring bathroom with the basic materials from new construction through out the 90s. Basic toilet. Cheap particle board constructed vanity with a formica counter top and basic metal sink. The flooring is depreciated vinyl linoleum

Remove all the above. Once we have a cleared all the amenities and have a clear room to work with we address a squeaking floor with reinforcing the joist below and screwing down the sub floor securely to the joist. Removed all mirrors. towel racks, paper dispenser and medicine cabinets. Remove both the closet and entrance door. Prep the threshold area to receive our new floor. Patch all the walls as needed for later sanding, primer and paint.

Install the 1/2 inch wonder board tile backer to the floor using at least 20 screws per 15 sq. ft. piece. Cover the entire floor and then install alkaline resistant fiber tape and seam all sheets together with a thin coat of mortar. Let dry overnight.

Installed 6"x40" wood grained ceramic tiles in a one third brick paver pattern using the 1/8" spacer (the smallest size) to give us those fine grout lines. Next day we grout the floor using a dark amber grout. After hardening overnight again we apply two coats of sealer.

Painting of the walls and ceilings with the clients chosen color scheme. Ceilings received the flat white while walls receive two coats of Sherwin Williams Eggshell Enamel applied with a lambskin roller to give us just the right finish look.

Real wood vanity required full assembly. The new vanity was two inches taller than the old one to accommodate our extra tall elderly client. Due to the type of sink we are using the top drawer had to be modified to a fixed cover. The pre-cut granite counter came in three pieces and required the assembly of the under the counter sink via clamping with silicon to seal. Once vanity was set into place we level then set the counter and sink in place with glue.

Again to accommodate our extra tall elderly client a new high volume toilet was installed that features a higher seat profile and advertised that it could flush a bucket of golf balls.

New floor trim and shoe moldings were installed and painted a off white to match the new vanity as were the closet and entry doors. The new oak threshold transition was installed from the new ceramic floor to the oak hardwood floor. (which we installed last year)

Installed the medicine cabinet centered over toilet. We then installed the mirror centered over the counter and found that with the new lighting the client had selected that the light was going to be about a inch off centered, requiring us to move the electrical junction box behind the light to the left one inch and while we were at it we moved it up two inches due to the heightened vanity.

Once that was done we installed the new towel racks, paper dispenser and a new swing out make-up mirror to the walls in the clients desired locations. With a total cost of only $2400 we left a very happy client and a beautiful new bathroom behind.





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