Project Address: 12345 Somestreet, Sometown, MI

Project Start Date: May 25th
Projected Finish Date: June 30th

Clients/Contact Name:
Contact Phone Numbers:
Your Home Depot Card
    Charge Balance
Received Card     492.88
8 pieces of corner bead Receipt -14.42 478.46
7 pieces of corner bead Receipt -12.61 465.85
4 sheets of drywall and a bucket of Joint Compound Receipt -40.12 425.73
1 sheet of drywall and roller skin Receipt -12.74 412.99
Bucket of joint compound and great stuff foam. Receipt -18.90 394.09
6 sheets of drywall and one last bucket of Joint Compound Receipt -54.43 339.66
1 cornerbead, 2 rollers and a duskmask Receipt -15.39 324.27
Stairtreads and rail for front door. Receipt -164.49 115.90

Invoices Printable Link Amount Payment
Inovice for partial payment towards drywall and painting.
Ceramic Tile Replacement Deposit.
2nd Payment towards kitchen and baths drywall and painting
Crawlspace/Block Work and Clean out
Paid Reciept
Paid Reciept
Paid Reciept
Paid Reciept


Things that I have to be compensated for that have yet to be invoiced...
Task   Amount
Loaded and returned 2x8s to home depot   35.00
Picked up tile from Lowes and unloaded it   35.00
Met Rusty at home for crawlspace inspection (no time just my fuel use)   15.00
Replace doors leading to underside of back porch   15.00
Build a closable wooden door leading to crawlspace   50.00
Installed woodwork in enclosed front porch area.   120.00
  + ----------
  Total 270.00



Project Notes:

Once we get the crawl space cleaned up we will put that one block back in the wall and build a nice clean access door there.

Shouldn't we throw a coat of paint on the shed?

We have to fix the trip hazzard and cracks in the sidewalk.

Strawberry red shutters for top windows, front door and garage doors would really make the house pop when someone pulls into the driveway.


Remaining Job Task Description

Estimated Amount Balance

Drywall finished, primed and ready for paint

Kitchen, half bath, upstairs full bath and front porch walls.

Notes: Kitchen and baths will be white ceilings and a chosen color on the walls. Front porch drywall to be the walls only (if we drywall the ceiling it may add 3-4 hours with hanging and taping) and will be painted walls and ceilings same color. *note that client has already chosen and supplied the paint which is on site already and clearly marked on top of the can which area each is for.


Hang sheet around service panel, install corner bead and finish drywall in master bedroom closet 50.00

Install new drywall and finish in front porch ceiling. 100.00

Repair wall in basement stairwell and prime 300.00


+100 - Front Porch Cieling

+50 - Masterbedroom Closet

+300 - Basement Stairwell


Replace Ceramic Tile (Erick - Whalin Const.)

Remove tile floor from Kitchen, dining and main floor bathroom. Remove tile from second floor master bath. Dispose of all tile and haul away. Remove and dispose of hardwood flooring in master bath. Prep floors for new Durarock Cement Board.

Install new 3/8" Durarock cement board on floor of kitchen, dining and bathroom. Install new 3/8" Durarock cement board in second story bathroom floor. Install 1/2" durarock cement board on walls above bathtub and tape all seams.

Install new 12" floor tile in kitchen, dining and main floor bathroom. Install grout and 2 coats of sealer. *All tile and grout to be supplied by homeowner.

Install 8" floor tile in master bathroom. (including laundry closet) Install 4" baseboard time tiles around perimeter of master bath. Install new wall tile on walls above bathtub with soap holder and 2 corner shelves. Install decorative rope bead 24" above bathtub followed by 2" x 2" mosaic tiles turned on a 45 degree angle with another rope bead topping the mosaic tiles off before switching back to the 8" wall tiles up to the ceiling. Install grout and 2 coats of sealer. * All tile and grout to be supplied by homeowner.

(Note code says you not to install ceramic over greenboard as of two years ago. We include installing the proper cement board around tub area)(above also includes marble sill plates)



Installing Kitchen Cabinets

Install to diagrams ensuring that they are plum and level, ready for granite counter installation.


(save 100 on cabinets if we also do tile)


Front Door Steps

Remove Front Porch and haul away debris. Install New Steps using precut pressure treated risers and railings on non hinged side of stairs. CHANGED

Add a 4 ft by 4 ft platform with railings outside of door and then attach above steps above to that.



Master Bedroom

Paint Upper Stairwell, Hall, Livingroom and Diningroom and paint basement stairwell.






Paint basement walls with gray floor and porch enamel.(120 labor)

Remove Cement Laundry Tub from basement

Lay visqueen vapor barrier from wall to wall on ground within crawlspace area






Install 1/2" pine woodwork around doors, windows and floor as needed in kitchen to resemble homes original.

Install modern window and door trim in upstairs bathroom.



We can handle on a case by case basis if any other task you wish us to undertake come up.

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